Wood Burning Stove

A wood burning stove fireplace provides warmth and comfort to any room. A central piece to any room design, a wood burning fireplace is an efficient form of heating. Compared to an open fire, a wood burning stove burns at a hotter temperature and redistributes the heat more evenly around the room. Most of the heat goes into the room rather than up the chimney.

A stove fireplace is self-contained, which also makes it safe. Wood burning stove fireplaces look attractive too. Their natural flames viewed through the glass door are a focal point for any room. Choose between a modern or traditional style stove. Some stoves come with their own wood store for a rustic effect, and there are various stove sizes that output different levels of heat. Choose the size that is compatible with your room dimensions.

A wood burning fireplace is black and can be matched with either a dark fire surround or a contrasting light coloured one.

A wood burning stove fireplace made in Britain is a quality product that is designed to last a long time even when used every day during Britain’s cold winters.

If you and your family love the feel and look of a real fire, choose a wood burning stove fireplace from our showroom and take advantage of free UK delivery.

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