Free Standing Gas Fireplace

A free standing gas fireplace is the centrepiece of any home, bringing character and warmth to your rooms. Choose from a traditional-looking gas fireplace or a contemporary style to match your décor of your home.

Being free standing, our items can be fitted in the centre of the fireplace. Gas fireplaces have a realistic flame effect and are easy to light and control. Free standing gas fireplaces are fuel efficient and quickly release heat into the room without wasting any. They are clean and easy to maintain, and flueless models do not need a chimney, so are easy to install if you have a gas supply in the house.

There are fireplace models to suit all room sizes and budgets. If you want consistent, easy, controllable heat, a free standing gas fireplace is an excellent choice.

Many gas fireplace models look like a solid fuel stove. They have brilliant aesthetic qualities, make any room feel cosy, and do not need regularly topping up with fuel.

Choose a free standing gas fireplace made in Britain, like all of ours are, if you want a quality fireplace made to last. You can be sure of a hassle-free and energy-efficient way of heating your home.
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