A granite fireplace surround is a traditional piece that can also look good in a modern-style home. Granite, after all, is an elegant and smooth material that has a clean appearance.

A black granite fireplace with added decorative features, paired with an antique-look gas fire, can give your fireplace a real Victorian charm. A simple style of fireplace surround with no added decorations can house a modern gas fire, and is therefore ideal for a 21st-century home.

British granite is polished natural stone that is the perfect material to make a fireplace surround. British-made granite surrounds are made with a combination of traditional craft skills and modem machinery. These granite fireplace surrounds look stylish and are easy to clean, plus a granite fireplace surround is strong and will last a long time.

A granite surround is a good choice to make your gas fire the focal point of your room. You can hang a picture over the fire surround and display items on the mantlepiece top to enhance the look of a room.

A gas fire is a fabulous heating choice for a home. Energy-efficient and easy to control, modern gas fires are made to look good but need to be complemented by a quality granite fireplace surround.

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