Sandstone fire surrounds are a stylish feature that enhances any room. Paired with a gas fire, electric fire, or solid fuel fire, they make a fireplace the focal point of the room.

A natural rock, sandstone is both beautiful to look at and very practical. This stone is formed from sand grains cemented together. Sandstone has been used for paving for over two hundred years but is now a popular material for fire surrounds. It is a beautiful traditional material that varies in shade and texture to create a stylish natural look.

A sandstone fire surround manufactured in Britain is a quality fire surround made to last. These sandstone fire surrounds are available in several styles, from a simple minimalist look to ones with more ornate features. They are suitable for use with modern style fires or more traditional ones.

Backplates and hearths can match the colour of the fire surround or be in contrasting shades for a more dramatic effect.

A sandstone fire surround is a great choice for people who want the beautiful look of natural materials in their home. They are an attractive feature of a room and complement every type of fire.

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