Stove Surrounds

Your stove looks better with a stylish stove surround. Fire surrounds for stoves are available in several materials. Natural stone or wood are natural materials that make good-looking stove surrounds.

Fire surrounds made in Britain are quality surrounds designed to last a long time. These natural materials look beautiful and are easy to maintain.

Fire surrounds are suitable for both wood burning stoves and mixed fuel stoves. Most stoves are black, so a light-coloured wood burning stove surround creates a contrasting style that makes the fireplace the focal point of any room.

Fire surrounds can be bought separately or as part of a package with a stove. Choose a clean minimalist style for modern stoves, or more ornate surrounds for traditional style stoves. Match the fire surround colour with the hearth or install a hearth with a contrasting colour.

A fuel burning stove with natural flames makes a room cosy and warm. A quality fire surround improves its look to make it the centrepiece of the room. Fire surrounds are available to suit any budget.

If you care about style and quality, visit our showroom and choose a British-made fire surround for your stove.

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