Wall Mount Gas Fireplace

A wall mount gas fireplace is a welcome addition to any home. These fireplaces fit flush against the wall and have a contemporary or traditional look that style-conscious people cannot fail to appreciate. They come in a variety of finishes to suit all tastes. Models with realistic flame effects are the centrepiece of any room.

This type of gas fire is easy to control and very fuel efficient. Remote control models mean that you can turn the heat up or down without even leaving your chair.

Wall mounted gas fireplace can be fitted flat to the wall without an inset. Some A wall mount gas fireplace models require you to build a false wall to accommodate the depth of the fire, while others can be fitted flush to the wall without requiring an inset. These gas fireplace models don’t require your house to have a chimney flue, so are perfect for modern buildings.

A British-made gas fireplace is a quality item that is built to last. Choose a wall mount gas fireplace with the heat output suitable for the size of your room, and the style that best complements your décor.

A wall mount gas fireplace is for people who want a stylish yet efficient fire that can be controlled and maintained with the minimum of fuss.

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