Wood Fire

A modern wood burning fireplace provides warmth and comfort to the home. There is nothing like sitting near a wood burning fireplace with its crackling logs and dancing flames.

Modern wood burning fireplaces come with glass door stoves or open fires. These stoves are more efficient because they burn hotter, distribute the heat better and do not waste heat up the chimney. Some prefer the look of an open fireplace because of its more traditional and nostalgic feel. Open fireplaces can be arched and inset into the chimney breast or choose a fire basket which is placed under a lined chimney.

Whatever type of wood burning fireplace you choose, match it with a fire surround made from natural stone or wood. Wood burning fireplaces are generally black but look good with either a light or dark coloured fire surround. A black slate hearth looks good with a wood burning fireplace.

Choose a wood burning fireplace that has been made in Britain if you want quality and durability and take advantage of free UK delivery. British made fireplaces are designed to last through many cold British winters.

If you love the look and feel of a real fire, then visit our showroom and install a modern wood burning fireplace in your home.

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